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When it comes to retirement planning, the sooner you start saving for retirement, the greater chance you have at reaching your retirement goals. Many people do not consider retirement until it’s too late to save adequately for retirement. The key is to start saving as soon as possible and make it a priority to save something each month.

ABMG will help you prepare for retirement by focusing on getting out of debt and saving for your future. Many people live above their means and do not understand where their money is going. Our clients need to budget their finances to keep themselves on track and prepare for their retirement. We will advise you as to where your money is going and areas that could translate into savings. Savings and retirement should be in the category of necessary bills that must be paid every month.

ABMG will focus on your retirement goals and advise on individual retirement accounts, traditional IRA, or Roth IRA options that are best suited for you. We will help determine how to get the best benefit of employer-sponsored plans, most common is the 401(k). We can also help individuals find other non-employer-sponsored retirement accounts, such as municipal bonds. ABMG will help our clients determine if a cash-value life insurance policy would make sense as part of your retirement planning.

Retirement Planning

How ABMG can help you with retirement planning:




Retirement planning takes time and can change as your situation changes. ABMG can re-evaluate your retirement plan as your circumstances change to continue to provide the best retirement plan possible. Retirement planning can start off small. It does not have to be all or nothing! Save what you can now and continue to stay on track and set goals. These goals can change over time so it is important to monitor our clients’ portfolios and reassess our clients’ retirement plans.

ABMG will look for ways to minimize fees by searching for the best investments. We will focus on ways to decrease your tax bill and save for retirement. We can assist claiming a saver’s credit in addition to the tax deduction on your retirement account contributions. ABMG’s staff can walk you through the process and create an effective way for you to prepare for retirement and your future.

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Of Americans die without a will or estate plan
Only 25% of people made arrangements for their elder care
Of people say they do not have enough financial knowledge to create an estate plan on their own