Business Management

Brianna Finchum

Director of Business Management

ABMG has been providing business management services in Los Angeles for over 30 years. Our clients include entertainment professionals such as actors, writers, producers, musicians and those in the sports industry. We know that the role of a business manager is more than simply accounting. It involves working closely with assistants, agents, managers, attorneys as well as families. We assist with everything from home and auto loans to medical expense reimbursements. 

We excel in tax, estate, financial and investment guidance and planning to reduce the amount of taxes owed and provide a comfortable future. We have streamlined processes to ensure accuracy and consistency and we pride ourselves on providing our clients with transparent reports and full online access to all financial accounts. Our staff have the knowledge and experience to handle all of your business and personal financial needs.

What can ABMG do for you?

  • Paying bills via check
  • ACH transfers or wires
  • Preparing 1099’s
  • Processing income deposits
  • Cash flow monitoring & spending plans
  • Bank and credit reconcilliation
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Investment & retirement planning
  • Income tax preparation & filing
  • IRS Audit support
  • Tax planning
  • Corporation set up, conversion & dissolution
  • State corporation compliance filing
  • Sales tax filing
  • City tax filing
  • Guild filing

Retirement Planning

The sooner you start saving for retirement, the greater chance you have at reaching your retirement goals. ABMG will help you prepare for retirement by focusing on getting out of debt and saving for your future.

Financial Management

We have certified financial planners on staff committed to understanding your goals.  Our advisers have more than 35 years of expert experience and financial knowledge in order to form a secure financial plan that meets your needs.


Accurate and timely filing of business tax returns is an integral process for every business. ABMG can prepare tax returns for every business entity from Corporations through Sole Proprietors.


By switching to ABMG, clients have saved an average of $10,000 per year on business management fees.


ABMG has won several awards and received commendation from the Los Angeles City Controller, Los Angeles Police Department, California Highway Patrol and the California State Insurance Commissioner for contributions to the community.


The founder of ABMG, Larry Lerner, educates fellow tax professionals at tax planning and investment seminars across the country every year.


By reviewing tax returns prepared by other accountants, ABMG has been able to amend prior years returns and helped clients get thousands of dollars back for overpaid taxes. As a result, our clients are extremely appreciative and loyal.