Larry Lerner is the force behind ABMG. He took over our taxes when our previous guy retired and passed his business to him several years ago. We have been very satisfied as he does the taxes for both our LLC and personal. He is a respected member of the community with a good reputation. He treats you like a friend, is professional and stands behind his work. His office phones always start with a live person and he is very accessible.

Barbara Mason

I want to thank Artists Business Management Group (ABMG), Larry Lerner and his office for always being there for me and offering solid business advice.

Larry is very hands-on and just recently updated my estimated taxes for 2021 after reaching out to me via a personalized email video asking for for any changes from 2020. This information is very valuable to me. I have never had this kind of service before and I have worked with many CPAs.

His staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and they always go the extra mile for which I am grateful. I had a very active 2021 and Allie was there for me every step of the way providing any back up and support whenever I needed it. Maria just dissolved an LLC for me and the price was very reasonable and it was done professionally and perfectly. Heidi has been always been so helpful! Great staff!

Larry is a pleasure to deal with and he is an exceptional CPA and business manager and I give him my highest recommendation.

John F.

I was a financial mess before I hired ABM to handle all my business affairs. They turned everything around. Absolutely first rate in everything they do. Professional, smart and amazing.

Scott Reynolds

Larry and his amazing crew make my life so much better! I have recommended him to everyone I know!

Angie Ruben

About seven years ago ABM was recommended to us by very good friends. Since then we've been working with Larry and his wonderful team. From the beginning they showed terrific expertise, and handled our sometimes more complex filings as freelancers, company and for employed situations in an absolute satisfying way. The whole team is very polite, understanding, fast, thorough and under Larry's friendly but sharp eyes they always gets the things done in time. We recommended them on to other friends and have heard only excellent feedback. We believe we are in great hands and are happy to work with ABM.

T S.

I have been using ABMG for I don’t know how long ever since a good friend of mine and my CPA Jay Davis passed away many years ago his account went to LARRY I was a little skeptical at first not knowing him but over the years has treated me very fair and has done me right on all my tax work I would recommend LARRY to anyone I also have moved out of state to Oregon I thought maybe he could not do my taxes I have called is it another state is no problem lucky for me I plan on using LARRY for a long time.

John Walraven

We've been with Artists Business Management Group for almost 20 years. We still say it was the best decision we made.

Larry's team are all kind and easy to work with. They really care about us. Maria always emails and calls when we need to address our corporate due dates for fee and documents. We always talk and laugh while we work. Allie is like a member of our family. She's has celebrated and cried with us throughout the years. She always has a kind word. Heidi helped us when we first started. She was very patient, and she listened. Larry has always explained exactly was needed pertaining to our books sprinkled in with caring about our financial future and us.

Thank you ABMG team for years of Great care and service.
You guys’ Rock!!

Victor Cannon

My wife and I have retained the services of ABMG since 2014 for both our S-Corp reporting requirements and our personal tax management. Larry Lerner and his team have provided us exceptional service year-after-year, treating us like family. They are always available to answer our questions, and consistently provide clear sound guidance. They were critical in helping us set up our original LCC, then transition to our current S-Corp, as well as set up and oversee our monthly payroll operations. We highly recommend ABMG, Larry and his team!

Marc McCarthy

Larry is the only one I trust with my finances! He is the absolute best, a seasoned vet & actually cares about his clients. Larry has my business for life and I truly appreciate his expertise.

Chelsea Davenport

I have been with ABMG for many years. They are wonderful with the way they work their magic to make my tax prep easier and less stressful.

Alle and Larry are both very professional and I recommend their service whole heartedly.

Paul Silver

Fast, experienced, knowledgeable, always polite and they get things done in time. Happy to work with ABMgroup.

Thure Riefenstein

Larry is one of the most personable people I have met. Even though I'm only 38, he helped me lower my tax burden and showed me how I can best be ready to retire. He opened my eyes. I owe him my future and my children's future.

Mary M.Marketing Director

After having 3 business managers over the last 20 years, I can say that Larry is, by far, the best -- the most skilled & knowledgeable, the most professional, the most caring, the most detail-oriented, and the most financially beneficial for your personal & business accounts! I have referred 3 businesses to Larry and he has saved each of them thousands of dollars.

Claire C.COO

I've been going to Larry for years and he is awesome! Literally! Everyone in the office is professional and pleasant. 🙂

Hana M.CEO

I really like the overall experience with ABMG. I only ask to speak with Larry at least once a year for feedback or some advisement regarding the returns for out of state clients.

Rodney W & Tarice L.

The experience with ABMG with exceptional. The...staff were very professional, efficient, and helpful. Thank you, Larry and ABMG Team!

Denise A.Recording Artist, Composer & Pianist

You guys are the best. You keep me up to date and help me with my tax issues immediately when they arise.

Roger N.

I'm so grateful to Larry Lerner for his personal and professional guidance on my personal finances, taxes, and business. I have total trust that he is always looking out for my best interests and long term goals. I also appreciate that I can call him directly with any concerns or issues that I may have; he is very accessible and quick to find a solution for me. Thank you Larry!!

Joy K.

I have been a client for many years and have always been extremely pleased with the work of Larry Lerner and Artists Business Management--knowledgeable, efficient, helpful in every way--a true "10".

Suzanne R.