Tax Management

At ABMG, we understand that our clients rely on us to stay current with changing tax laws in order to provide knowledgeable consultation. Our tax management services include effective strategies that help defer current year’s taxes to a future year in order to free up cash for an investment, business, or personal use. By helping our clients take advantage of beneficial tax-law provisions, we increase tax deductions, credits, and maximize all applicable breaks available under the Internal Revenue Code.

AMBG specializes in the selection of investments and retirement plans. We develop and implement strategies to lessen current and future tax liabilities as well as improve long and short-term financial goals.

Our tax planning services can reduce estate taxes, maximize the amount of funds our clients have for retirement, reduce the cost of a child’s education, and assist with cash flow management. Our strategies help provide peace of mind and meet financial goals. ABMG assists clients in taking advantage of tax rate differentials between years. If tax rates rise in a subsequent year, extra caution may be necessary when tax planning.

Proper tax planning through ABMG can assist lowering a current year’s taxes and reduce future taxes. We will maximize the tax savings from allowable deductions and take advantage of all available tax credits. We will assist our clients to minimize capital gains tax and the effect of alternative minimum tax (AMT) liability. We will avoid penalties for underpayment of estimated taxes for our clients. We can defer this year’s tax into future years and manage your cash flow by projecting when tax payments will be required. ABMG minimizes the potential future estate taxes so you can leave the maximum amount to your beneficiaries.

  • Income tax preparation & filing
  • IRS Audit support
  • Preparing 1099’s
  • Tax planning
  • Sales tax filing
  • City tax filing
  • Profit / loss
  • Personal property returns
  • Estimated tax filings
Americans that file their own taxes miss out on deductions because they do not understand the American tax code
Americans that file their own taxes
People that overpay taxes because they do not want to owe money on their return