Retirement Planning Services in Woodland Hills, CA

Retirement Planning Services

Welcome to Artists Business Management Group, Inc! Nestled in the heart of Woodland Hills, CA, we’re fervently passionate about crafting custom-tailored retirement plan services for our cherished clients.

You see, for us it’s more than just a job – it’s about helping you build and create a retirement that complements your lifestyle and beautifully aligns with your dreams. Leveraging our proven expertise in financial planning, we can transform the sometimes-daunting complexities of retirement planning into an easy and enjoyable journey.

  • 401K plans
  • Profit sharing plans
  • Defined benefits plans
  • Employee stock-ownership plans
  • Nonqualified deferred compensation plans
  • Extended investment options
  • Plan set-up and maintenance
  • Tax consultation
  • Estate & trust planning
Retirement Planning

How ABMG can help you with retirement planning:




Retirement Planning Services Offered

We offer a range of retirement planning services including goal setting and financial planning, investment management, social security optimization, estate planning, and long-term care planning.

Goal Setting and Financial Planning

Specialized financial advisors craft custom strategies to suit the distinctive goals of each client. To start, they comprehend the wide-ranging objectives before designing an individualized financial scheme that boosts savings and cuts down taxes for long-term stability.

To guarantee a satisfactory retirement income, several factors are integrated such as asset distribution, risk tolerance, and time horizon. The goal extends beyond just framing a retirement plan; it includes offering continued advice to ensure clients remain on path towards accomplished retirement.

Investment Management

Taking investment management seriously is our primary goal. A crew of experienced financial guides stands ready to help navigate through the intricacies of investing. This involves everything from distribution of assets to balancing risk and return factors.

The focus lies on crafting diversified portfolios that match your comfort zone and retirement aspirations.

Investment advice services prioritize ensuring a continuous income stream during your golden years. Unlike competitors, traditional stocks and bonds aren’t the only area focused on; all potential growth avenues including real estate, mutual funds, and even budding markets are explored thoroughly.

Successful retirement hinges upon effective investment decisions in present times, with guidance provided at every stage.

Social Security Optimization

Optimizing your Social Security benefits is key to our retirement plan services. We concentrate on amplifying your retirement income by identifying the perfect time to apply for these benefits.

Various factors, like marital status, health status, anticipated lifespan and more, significantly influence this decision. These elements are considered thoroughly in our financial schemes as we aim to exploit every chance to ramp up your benefits.

Trust in our seasoned financial advisors to lead you through every step towards a prosperous retirement with powerful asset distribution tactics.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important part of retirement planning services. We assist clients in creating a plan to distribute their assets according to their wishes after they pass away.

Our team works closely with clients to understand their specific situation and develop a customized strategy that involves wills, trusts, and power of attorney designations. By addressing estate planning now, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family will be taken care of in the future.

Long-term Care Planning

Securing your financial future in retirement requires considering long-term care planning. This involves preparing for potential health issues and the costs that come with aging. By proactively addressing long-term care needs, you can financially prepare yourself for any medical or caregiving expenses that may arise in the future.

Having a comprehensive long-term care plan in place will give you peace of mind, knowing that you have taken steps to protect your assets and provide for your healthcare needs as you age.

Why Choose Professional Retirement Planning Services

We believe that choosing professional retirement planning services is crucial for a successful retirement. Our expertise and knowledge in financial matters enable us to provide personalized and comprehensive solutions tailored to your individual needs.

By maximizing your retirement income, minimizing taxes, and offering peace of mind, we strive to ensure a secure future for our clients.

Expertise and Knowledge

Our team specializes in retirement planning and has extensive knowledge of financial markets. We offer personalized advice and strategies to help you achieve a successful retirement.

Our expertise ensures that you receive accurate information tailored to your unique needs. Count on us to guide you in making informed decisions that maximize your retirement income while minimizing taxes.

With our help, you can have peace of mind knowing that your financial future is secure.

Personalized and Comprehensive Approach

At our company, we believe in tailoring retirement planning to the individual. Our team of financial advisors understands that every person has different goals and circumstances when it comes to retiring.

That’s why we work closely with our clients to create personalized plans that fit their specific needs and aspirations. From setting goals and creating a financial plan, to managing investments and planning for your estate, we provide a comprehensive approach that covers all aspects of retirement.

With our expertise and knowledge, we strive to maximize your retirement income while minimizing taxes, giving you peace of mind for a successful retirement ahead.

Maximizing Retirement Income

Maximizing retirement income is crucial, and our team of financial advisors can assist you in achieving this goal. We will thoroughly assess your current financial situation and develop a personalized plan to ensure a steady income throughout your retirement years.

With our expertise in investment management, tax planning, and Social Security optimization, we will help you optimize your income streams while minimizing unnecessary expenses. Depend on us to guide you towards a financially secure future, enabling you to enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams during your golden years.

Minimizing Taxes

Minimizing taxes is a crucial aspect of effective retirement planning. Our team at Artists Business Management Group, Inc understands the importance of keeping your tax liabilities as low as possible, so you can maximize your retirement income.

We specialize in tax planning strategies and work closely with our clients to develop personalized plans that take advantage of available deductions and credits. By staying up-to-date on the latest tax laws and regulations, we are able to identify opportunities for tax savings and help optimize your financial situation.

When it comes to minimizing taxes, our goal is to ensure that you pay only what is necessary while still meeting all legal requirements. We will analyze your individual circumstances and explore various strategies such as charitable giving, Roth conversions, or effective estate planning techniques to reduce your tax burden.

Peace of Mind

Our professional retirement planning services are designed to give you peace of mind. We understand that preparing for your future can feel overwhelming, but we have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through it all.

Our approach is personalized and comprehensive, making sure your financial goals are met while minimizing taxes and maximizing retirement income. With our experienced team of financial advisors, rest assured that your retirement plan is in capable hands.

Leave the complexities of estate planning, investment management, and long-term care planning to us so you can fully enjoy a successful retirement.

Of Americans die without a will or estate plan
Only 25% of people made arrangements for their elder care
Of people say they do not have enough financial knowledge to create an estate plan on their own