Why Does My Business Need a Bookkeeper?

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Many small business owners handle multiple positions within their own business and find it difficult to justify hiring financial help for their company.  Often they attempt to handle their financial records on their own with user-friendly software such as QuickBooks.  Most small business owners struggle to find the time and worry that they are preparing the financials correctly.  These financial statements are critical to their company’s success yet many small business owners neglect them they are in a time crunch.  In many cases, these business owners are torn because they know that proper financial records take time and it takes them away from working on their business.  Many small business owners struggle with the time it takes to wear multiple hats in their own company.

In many cases, business owners discovered, after they hired a bookkeeper, that they were not doing as well as they thought when preparing the financials on their own.  A bookkeeper can clean up records and find mingled expenses and assets, purchase duplications and improperly categorized items.  This is why a bookkeeper can be critical to the success of your business.

A bookkeeper will handle the day to day financials for your company which provided small business owners with the big picture in order to make better business decisions.  The bookkeeper will track company expenses and will make sure all costs have been recorded correctly.  They will sort out your monthly bank statements and assure you that all expenses are tracked.  This will allow a business owner to review how the daily expenditures stack up against his or her budget.  This knowledge will provide a small business owner the ability to stabilize unnecessary spending and strategically think about where the company’s money is going and where you can save.  This is why a bookkeeper is invaluable to a company.

In addition to providing you with a day to day snapshot of your business, they will make sure your financials are ready for tax time.  Many small business owners only see their accountants at tax time.  If you have a knowledgeable bookkeeper that will keep your financials in order, you will most likely only need to see you, accountant, at tax time.  Although a knowledge bookkeeper will also let you know when you need to meet with your accountant outside of the “tax time” for your business.

Whether you hire a full-time bookkeeper or outsource a part-time bookkeeper, your business will benefit from having a knowledgeable bookkeeper.  Many small businesses fail due to poor financial planning and management.  A bookkeeper can help avoid the pitfalls that some small businesses can encounter.  A small business owner that has a solid grasp on his or her business financials can make better overall decisions for the company and its growth.

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