Financial Planning is the evaluation of your current and projected financial situation in order to develop a series of steps necessary to successfully achieve your financial goals.

Financial goals vary from client to client but typically include things such as:

  • planning for retirement
  • paying for higher education
  • minimizing taxes
  • providing for family in the event of disability, incapacity or death

Importantly, as every client is unique, Artists Business Management Group can easily incorporate all factors that may impact your plan. Our clients understand that their financial plans are a work-in-progress and need to be monitored and updated on a regular basis like a living venture.

Constituent parts of our financial plans typically include:

  • Development of financial goals
  • Financial review
  • Portfolio review & design
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance planning
  • Education planning
  • Tax planning
  • Ongoing relationship
Of American’s have no financial plan
Of the world’s retirees put off retirement planning until after 30 have waited too long
Of people didn’t prepare adequately enough for a comfortable retirement until after they were fully retired