Our trained tax professionals will prepare your financials and tax forms accurately to avoid audits. Our familiarity with the IRS and other agency standards allow our IRS audit service professionals to avoid red flags that trigger audits.

ABMG believes transparency is the best option to proactively avoid any possible issues and audits.

We strive to avoid all audits, but there is a slim chance of being randomly audited. ABMG tax trained professionals provide peace of mind by helping you understand the IRS notice you received and answer any questions.  We’ll sit down and provide a well formed plan on what to expect and what needs to be accomplished in order to resolve the issue.  

It could be as simple as submitting missing tax documents or providing representation services in front of an IRS agent.  Communication and timely responsiveness are vital for the success of an IRS audit.  

We will help research the issue, assemble the documents and records, and explain all of the options available in a timely manner.

Our professional relationships include seasoned tax attorneys that can provide a “second opinion” or free assessment of the situation and determine if further assistance is needed. We are not afraid of asserting ourselves on your behalf and challenging the tax authority. Our audit support can be provided remotely or in person with various agencies such as: IRS, multiple states, city, county, sales tax and payroll. ABMG strictly adheres to auditing standards in order to find a reasonable resolution.

  • IRS audit assistance
  • Representation
  • Legal analysis
  • Factual investigation
  • Formulate your defensive position
  • Communication with tax authority
  • Document and record assembling
  • Negotiate settlement claims
  • Explaining the appeal process
Of individuals whose income is under $100,000 get audited
Of individuals whose income is under $200,000 get audited
Of individuals whose income is over $1,000,000 get audited